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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Recipes from Grama Barb

This time of the year I always dig out my old recipes and scour cookbooks looking for something new. I guess it is because summer is over and I'm tired of salads, cold plates and barbecues. The days are cooler and I am on the hunt for something really yummy.

Some of my old favorites are meatballs and spaghetti -

One of the recipes that always take me on a journey down memory lane are for Rusks or Skorpa (Swedish Toast)
Skorpa is a traditional Scandinavian coffee (kaffe) time treat.

My Grandmother Peterson's kitchen was well known for it's sweet aroma of skorpa' and fresh brewed coffee. I have her original recipe here:

Today I found a new recipe that I would love to try! It is called

Overnight Corn Flake Breakfast Pie Doesn't it look good?

But right now I am going to look for my old fashioned Peanut Butter cookie recipe.