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Monday, March 22, 2010

Cute Dog Blog with Lots of Photographs

A random collection of cute dogs that have been posted to Photo A Day on to raise awareness for Women's Cancer Charity.

A message from gramabarb: "Remembering the 1950s. This is my Mom and our dog, Brandy, in 1958. Photo A Day for all womens cancers. (my Mom died from Cancer - A tribute to my Mom) "

Please meet Freckle the adorable Boxer visiting gramabarb.

gramabarb wrote: "A visiting West Highland White checked out my camera to see if it was a treat. Instead I received the treat of a photo of its cute face"

"Pixie gave my friend a kiss - I love you"

A message from cyberrat: "Happy spring everyone. Fuzzy will be taking over for the easter bunny this year!"  Fuzzy is a very cute dog!

A beautiful stray dog photographed by cyberrat.

Fuzzy is a star! Fuzzy getting her Irish on.

Queen Fuzzy dressed in pink for breast cancer awareness.

Soulosphere wrote: "One of the softest pups Ive had the pleasure of petting - Marshmallow Fluff"

Neighbourhood dog, Rosie from brianne

Eahauser and her Golden Retriever wrote: "In the spirit of the Super Bowl being in Miami, we are sports themed."

Eahauser shared this moment with us:" The neighbor drove by and asked Who is walking who? Great question but it looks pretty obvious to me."

irenemaria wrote about adorable, cute Molly: "This is Molly - my special friend with four legs."

This is just a random sample of the wonderful photographs posted to Photo A Day.  Please leave a message and thank you so much for visiting.

All my Photo A Day Marathon pictures for 2010

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Thursday, March 18, 2010

NEW - Daffodils and Birds Note Card

A new card just posted called

Daffodils and Birds Note Card

Daffodils from my garden and my favorite Cedar Waxwing photos with the quote "May flowers always line your path and sunshine light your day. May songbirds serenade you every step along the way.'

All my Photo A Day Marathon pictures for 2010

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Monday, March 15, 2010

Where in the World have You seen these Birds?

Have you seen Magpie Geese before?  Cyberrat has a photo of 2 of them that are so handsome.

Cedar Waxwings are always a treat to see.  Where have you seen them?

You gotta love the little Downy Woodpecker!  Thanks Cyberrat.

I think you will know the name of this pair of geese.

Ask soulosphere the name of this duck family.  Thanks soulosphere.

Where do you think this pair of Mersanger live?  Thanks irenemaria.

Handsome Goose on the lake. by cyberrat

The reflection of this goose is awesome.  Cyberrat takes amazing bird photos.

I know a raccoon is't a bird but it was too cute to pass by  :)  thanks soulosphere

A painting of a bird in my living room.  gramabarb

Some hardy Ducks from irenemaria

Cyberrat shows us the up-close beauty of a Common Grackle

 souloshpere found this orange Ibis

Gulls with bread.  Thanks cyberrat - great action shot.

Thanks for visiting - I hope you enjoyed all these awesome photographs.

All my Photo A Day Marathon pictures for 2010

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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Spring is in the Air

Spring is in the air even though snow may be on the ground in certain places.  This group of photographs tell the story of spring.

Irenemaria shows us the yummy Semla - available only in the spring in Sweden
Day 59 - Semla

There are many ways to say I love you Darling
Day 60 - Love

Magnolia display on Day 65

What is Garage Gardening?  Day 67

Day 69  Twisted, beautiful branches. I love to put them together with Tulips

Gramabarb and spring:
Day 60 Our fuzzy buds are starting to open. March 1 Photo a Day to end breastcancer.

Thank you for visiting the photographs:

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