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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

15,000 people reading "Help! Everyone is Dying!" by GramaBarb

I wrote my story of the 1980's on Story of my Life and as of today I have had 15,000 views and counting. The title of the story is "Help! Everyone is Dying!" Please read it and leave your comment. I've linked to my Squidoo lens A Grandmother's Love and yes it is doing well too.

The special Featured Story written about me is doing phenomenal with over 130,000 views. The title of the story by Tamar Burris is "GramaBarb: A Grandmother for the 21st Century"

These stories are about me as a Grandmother and are validated through my passions of life on my 170 Squidoo lenses. I don't promote Squidoo on SOML but my life passions as they are featured on my lenses - they meld naturally together.

The point of this blog is? If you are not getting over 100,000 views maybe you need to take a step back and widen out your vision.

Monday, February 2, 2009

I have been Featured on Story of My Life

"GramaBarb: A Grandmother for the 21st Century"

is the title of the article that Story of My Life writer, Tamar Burris, used when she wrote this article about my life as a grandmother. The article highlights my passion for sharing family Genealogy with my grandchildren and the need for Grandparents to be active computer and internet users with their grandchildren. Plus we can share our creativity with our family through the use of Zazzle and Cafepress.

Thanks to Story of My Life for featuring my story.