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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Back to School Memories

Do you remember when .........?

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Back to School Memories

Everyone seems to be buying school supplies - Binders being high on the list. Stickers are still fun too.

Parents are all rushing around buying school supplies for kids returning to school in a couple of weeks.

Many of the items they are buying are high tech expensive gadgets.

Do you remember when .........

We rode to school on our bikes in the fall and spring and walked the 3 or more the winter. We were never driven.  That luxury was for sissies.

This time of the year takes me back to the days when school supplies meant 2 new pencils with new erasers.  A new scribbler for each subject. If we were old enough to be allowed to use ink then we recieved a new nib for our pen. I remember being excited to get my first new pen with a nib.

We always started school with a "good solid" pair of oxford shoes with a little lecture to take care of them as they have to last!

Yes, I've had to learn to become a Grandmother for the 21st Century - read my journey to becoming a High Tech Grandma with all the gadgets too.

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