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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Music Box Collection for Grandmother's

The vintage typewriter to the left is just like the one I learned to type on in High School. Now we call them vintage typewriters and you see them only in museums.
Does that make me "Vintage"? I suppose it does.
Before the beginning of the 21 century I had embraced my vintage-hood as a blessing and let my voice of the past be heard for the new generation to know their roots and values that never change.
I am constantly meeting Grandmothers who are also sharing family stories and history using modern technology on a daily basis to have their voices heard.
Vintage icons are now preserved in the form of wonderful Music Boxes that will entertain and educate for many more generations.

Grandparents are voices of the past that keep everyone grounded and have proven themselves to be survivors that has given everyone hope for the future.
"Vintage gets more valuable with age - embrace it!"

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

2015 The BIG Year!

2015 will be my Big Year in Birding! Virtual Birding, that is.
So far my friends and I have visited four continents where they have Birdfeeder webcams so that we can watch the action of birds live.
You are welcome to follow us on our Blog called Curiosity for Birds